To create ledger master:

1. Go to opencompas erp, Login with your Id ,Password.

2. Go to "Fee Module" as shown below 

3  After that you need to click in Master 

4. There is an option of Ledger Master click on this option.

5. Go to Edit mode option as shown below image after that you need to click on "Add New" Enter name of Ledger Name.

Click on Master - Create Ledger/ Alter Master >> Edit Mode >> Add New.

Ledger Name : Enter the required Ledger name.

Alias: Short Name For the Ledger.

Ledger Type: Enter the type of Ledger as General/ Fee Head/ Fine/ Concession.

Ledger Group : Select the Group of the Ledger for which the Ledger belongs to.

Opening Balance: Enter the opening balance of the Ledger.

Opening Date: Enter Date of the Opening Balance.

Is TDS Deductable : If TDS is deductable for this particular Ledger , tick mark on the checkbox.

Select Percentage/ Amount of the TDS. Click on Add.