To create Concession master:

1. Go to opencompas erp, Login with your Id ,Password.

2. Go t"Fee Module" as shown below

3  After that you need to click in Master 

4. There is an option of  Fee concession Master click on this option.

5. Go to Edit mode option as shown above image

6. After that you need to click on "Add New" Enter name of Group Ledger Name.

Click on Master >> Fee Concession Master >> Edit Mode >> Add New and Add Fee Concession.

Concession Name: Select the name of the Concession Ledger that has been created in the Create

Ledger/ Alter Master.

Concession Description: Enter the Description of the Ledger.

Concession Type : Select Percentage if concession to be entered in percent & Amount if concession to

be entered in Rupees.

Class: Select the Class for which Fee concession will be applicable.

Concession: Enter Concession Percent /Amount.

Applicable on (Fees Heads): Select the Fees Heads on which the Concession will be applicable.

Category: Select category of the Student for which Fees will be applicable.

Student Type: Select type of Student as Old/ New.

7. After that you have to enter the name of concession.